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Disney World Villas welcomes you

Firstly we would like to thank you for choosing us for your holiday and if you have stayed with us before welcome back to our Orlando Villa

Here is our process of booking our private villa to the returning home of your holiday.

Preparing for the holiday

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    Apply for your US ESTAs (here). This service costs approx. $14 each. This usually takes an hour to a week to be authorized. Be aware that there are several sites out there that look identical and charge anything up to £100 each. If you have filed for an ESTA previously, your ESTA lasts for two years and can be checked to see if it is still valid (here). Please do not book with us until you have authorization to travel to America to save on hassles of refunds etc.
  • You can only travel to the USA if you have a minimum of six months left before you passport expires.
  • First you will choose a date from our booking page. The minimum we let for is 4 days to a maximum of 28 days to UK residents only.
  • A returnable1 deposit of £300 will be required when you book your slot. This will be held to secure your booking slot and retained against any damages. This will be refundable on completion of a successful inventory within 14 days.
  • The full Orlando villa rental balance will need to be paid no later than 12 weeks before your holiday. 2
  • We want to make the holiday as smooth as possible and have installed a keyless entry system to save the hassle with handing keys back and forth. The villa has security code door locks and alarms, which will be emailed to you a week before containing your own ‘specific’ front door and alarm code.
  • Have you booked your hire car?
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Time for your holiday

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    Pack those Disney Mickey Mouse ears, put on those matching family T-shirts and wake the kids at 3AM (GMT) with the surprise “Were going to Disney.” don’t forget to record their reactions. 
  • Here is a mini checklist so you don’t forget your…
  • [ ] Passports
  • [ ] Tickets
  • [ ] Money
  • [ ] Luggage
  • [ ] Turn off the iron
  • [ ] Turn off your roaming on ALL OF YOUR phones unless you want to come home to a £400 bill. Buy an AT&T prepay sim from the airport if you remember.
  • [ ] Print off our contact details cheat sheet (here.)
  • When you land in Orlando Internal Airport (MCO) your hire care company will be on the lower floor of the airport or transfers will be available outside the Airport. A yellow cab charges approx. $40. These yellow cabs can surprisingly fit four large cases in their long boot. There are larger people carriers also for larger families.
  • When you arrive at our private villa in Orlando, the door code will be changed remote to your personalized code and activated from 3pm (EST). This is the earliest you can check in due to the cleaning process from the previous holiday makers.
  • Most flights do not land until after 1pm (EST) giving your family the time to pass through security (45mins), collect your baggage (30 mins), walk and monorail to the main part of the airport (20 mins) go downstairs to the hire companies and sort out your car (30 mins) or transfers and travel to the villa near disney (30 mins) – Times are a close approximation.
  • WiFi codes etc. will be available with a list of other information about the house in a document in the kitchen.
  • We advise everyone to visit the AT&T store on West Sand Lake Road (just off International Drive) and purchase a prepay sim card for £35 approx. Put this in one of your phones and let the whole family tether your WiFi whilst being out and about. This saves so much headache from those kids that cannot be without it whilst out and about of the villa.
  • Enjoy your holiday. 
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Finishing up your holiday

  • Yes, its the dreaded time where we all have to leave and come home to sunny old blighty.
  • We would greatly appreciate it if you could leave the villa to as close to the state as it was when you arrived.
  • Though not essential, any dirty laundry to be left by the washers. Please do not wash any dirties as we have this collected and professionally cleaned anyway.
  • If the house is left in a very messy state means our cleaning crew would take longer to clean for the next family and we wouldn’t want to delay any check-in times.
  • Please make sure you pack all of your possessions and remember to remove all belongings from the safe.
  • If you’ve had a great holiday or have any suggestions, please fill out one of our feedback cards to help us give the best service we can to everyone.
  • Check out time is 11AM (EST). Please be prompt as our cleaning crew will arrive to prepare for the next family.
  • We have a facility if needed where you can store your cases if you have a later return flight than usual. Please ask us if you require this.
  • You will need to check-in at the airport three hours prior to your flight. Please bare in mind if you are dropping back your hire car can add an additional hour for the hire car company to check over the vehicle.
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Large Print – We refuse to hide anything

1 – Damages will be assessed by an independent  management company that will assess breakages, stains, missing items, etc. The total value will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder will be returned. In the majority of cases the full deposit is returned to our clients.

2 – If the full balance is not paid in full by 12 weeks prior to the holiday departure date, the deposit will be retained as a cancellation fee and the booking be defaulted.

3 – This is an absolute non smoking villa. Any evidence of smoking will result in an automatic £70 deduction from the security deposit. For smokers, there is a designated place to smoke to the side of the house away from the house and garden. Vaping is allowed in the gardens.

4 – Pool heating is an all or nothing agreement. We charge cost price for the pool at £9.00 per day. If you wish to take this facility the charge will be for calculated at £9 x each night of the booking.

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